Gardena 4024 Push Reel Lawn Mower

The Gardena Silent 15-Inch Reel Mower is German engineered and European produced for the highest quality mower on the market. No struggling with hard to pull cords on polluting gasoline powered mowers. With the GARDENA Cylinder Reel Mowers, you just push and it mows! It’s so quiet that you can carry your phone while you’re mowing and actually hear it ring. No engine trouble, no running out of gas, no disturbing your neighbors with noise.

Gardena 4024 Push Reel Lawn Mower Features:

  • Contact-free cutting technique, cutting cylinder and bottom blade do not touch each other, the lawnmower is therefore extremely quiet and easy to push
  • Hardened, non-stick coating cutting cylinder made of quality steel and ground bottom blade for a clean and precise cut
  • Easy, infinitely-variable cutting-height adjustment using handy controller
  • Folding handle with quick-lock feature for easy transportation and compact storage
  • Ergonomically shaped handle makes it easy to push and operate the lawnmower 

Gardena’s aim is to provide a simple and convenient solution to all of your watering, soil and lawn care problems. They manufacture reliable, quality gardening equipment to make light work of your gardening tasks, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your garden.

Reel Lawn MowerTheir commitment to bring you reliable gardening equipment doesn’t stop when you buy your Gardena product from your local garden center. They offer a minimum 12 month parts and labor warranty on all their products so in the unlikely event that your Gardena product develops a fault, they will repair or replace the item free of charge.

Customer Reviews And Scores:

The customer reviews were positive with one reviewer stating that they could hear the birds, there was the smell of freshly cut grass but there is not the hammer of a small gasoline engine, the odor of hydrocarbon combustion nor the annoying trailing of a power cord! Another reviewer stated that they were  happy with its ease, speed, and that it was user-friendly.

Customer feedback for the  Gardena 4024 Push Reel Lawn Mower was for the most part good and as such receives our recommendation.

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