Great States 14-Inch Classic Reel Mower Review

Mowing the lawn can be a very easy and fun job with the right tools irrespective of its size and the type of grass. In fact with the right lawn mower you can make your lawn the envy of your entire neighborhood. That is where the Great States 14-Inch Classic Reel Mower can make a difference.

If you have been avoiding this chore, because your current lawn mower is heavy, hard to operate, noisy and uneconomical, then you need to purchase the Great States 14-Inch Classic Reel Mower with high impact polymer wheels and rugged molded tread tires. This mower is easy to maneuver, economical, light and a silent, pollution-free solution for any yard. 

Great States 14-Inch Classic Reel Mower Features

  • 8-1/2-Inch diameter high impact polymer wheels with integral molded tread
  • 3 spider 1 blade reel
  • Alloy steel reel and bed knife blade
  • Steel side plates and formed torsion tube
  • Cutting height 1/2-Inch to 1-1/2-Inch with adjustable 3-section roller

More about this Classic Reel Mower:

Great States Lawn Mower2If you have never owned one of these before the first time you might find it a little hard to push, but the second time it is going to be much smoother.

This mower is much smaller and cheaper than a gas mower. Plus it is good for the environment. As well it is the right mower for smaller houses that don’t have a lot of storage or a huge yard.

This lawn mower is simple to put together and it is so easy to cut grass. It can cut the grass easily even when it gets a bit too long. You might want to consider getting the bag so you don’t have to clean up the clippings!

This is a great little mower! You might need to adjust the cutting height depending on how tall the grass is in your yard. However, it is very simple to make the adjustments.

How To Pick The Perfect Reel Lawn Mower Video:

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