Sun Joe Corded Electric Lawn Mower Review

Sun Joe has been known to produce very efficient tools and this small 12Amp motor powered electric lawn mower is no exception. This company has designed and developed various reliable and high quality tools ever since 2004.

So if you are tired of wrestling with an extension cord, pushing a manual mower or rushing to a gas-station then the Sun Joe Corded Electric Lawn Mower is for you. This small electric mower will have you mowing your yard with ease and get you back to enjoying your weekend in no time. 

Sun Joe Corded Electric Lawn Mower Description:

  • The Sun Joe Mow Joe uses a powerful, 12 amp, electric motor to quickly and efficiently mow your lawn
  • Easy push button start; no messy oils or gasoline
  • Three-position height adjustment up to 2-2/5 inches
  • Compact design is easy to maneuver and takes up less storage space
  • Hard-top grass catcher detaches easily for convenient disposal

Considered one of the best electric mowers for small lawns, the Sun Joe will respond to the needs of individuals with a smaller yards who love an electric lawn mower. The Sun Joe Corded Electric Lawn Mower is a unique smaller mower which delivers the exact power of an efficient gas mower with the ease of an electric one.

Weighing about 28 pounds, this mower comes with a durable steel blade which can cut about 14 inches wide with precision at every pass. On top of its hardworking mowing capacity, this mower unit allows for a three position height adjustment that can easily be done manually.

Powered by a 12 Amp motor, this unique product has a compact design which makes it easy for you to push and maneuver on your small lawn. This unit also includes a hard-top rear bag which can be easily detached for convenient disposal. This small mower promises to turn your small yard into the envy of the neighborhood with modern technology that helps make your mowing easier.


  • 12 Amp motor- the 12 Amp motor powering this unit produces more than enough power to help you maneuver through your small lawn while mowing your lawn with ease no matter the height and type of grass in your yard.
  • Adjustable handle- this unit comes with a unique handle which has 3-positions for height adjustment, so you will never have to worry about getting tired easily or any back issue.
  • A strong steel blade- this unit comes with a powerful steel blade that can easily cut a 14 inch path with precision. This sharp steel blade can cut through any type of grass no mater how thick.
  • Rear-mount bag- this corded electric lawn mower comes with a detachable bag which helps collect grass as soon as it has been cut. In fact with its 10.6-gallon capacity, you will never have to worry about collecting grass after you have finished mowing your lawn, and for convenient disposal, this bag detaches easily.


  • This unit is very light weight.
  • With its detachable rear bag you will never have to worry about collecting grass after you are done mowing your lawn.
  • Since this mower is powered by electricity, it is very easy to maintain with no tune-ups, oil or gas necessary.
  • This unit comes with a sharp strong blade that can cut through any type of grass easily.
  • This unit comes with a compact design which makes it easy to operate this unit.
  • This unit is ETL-approved plus it comes with a unique safety switch which helps prevent accidental startups.


  • The grass-catcher fills up very fast.

Mow Joe Electric Lawnmower – Review Video:

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